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CSIT Cares for People with Special Needs

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“We need the opportunity to do sports in the same courts at the same time as the regular athletes”, says Anita Pariani.

She is representing the FSSP (Federatione Svizzera Sport Paralimpici) and FISDIR (Federazione Italia Sport Paralimpici degli Intellettivo Relanzionale) at the 5th CSIT World Sports Games 2017 in the Latvian capital. “People with all kinds of disabilities want to feel that they are part of the community.” CSIT President Bruno Molea has already put a strong sign to make this integration a future goal for CSIT. Talks with FSSP President Marco Tomasini and FISDIR President Marco Borcacini would be a first step to develop a programme for people with special needs at CSIT events. The Mamanet Movement as official part of WSG has already set an example for integration and inclusion in Riga.