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CSIT - Confédération Sportive Internationale Travailliste et Amateur

Great 100th anniversary celebrations of CSIT ended in Ghent

Friday evening the CSIT anniversary celebrations in Belgium ended with a cruise on the canals of Ghent and a following gala diner. Already in the afternoon the guests of honour and all the attendant representatives of the member unions witnessed a very emotional moment in the "Vooruit".  In the same building where the CSIT was founded in 1913. Berte de Vlieger, the 99-year old daughter of one of the founding fathers, and her two children attended surprisingly the event.  In 1919 her father, Jul de Vlieger, had reorganised the CSIT after World War I and brought it back into function.

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Honouring and taking leave of Sports Director Rui Campos

Rui Campos of the Brazilian CSIT member union SESI worked for the CSIT since 18 years. 2008 he was elected as Sport Director and in this function he was the chairman of the Technical Commissions of the different sports. Since 2012 Rui Campos is working full-time for the Brazilian Sport Ministry and therefore has to terminate its CSIT functions due to lack of time and much to CSIT´s regret.

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100th anniversary celebrations are starting in Brussels

With a gala in Brussels´ town hall the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of CSIT, the International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation, will start. Numerous international guests will attend the gala. Mayor Freddy Tillemans will welcome the CSIT directory board with CSIT President Harald Bauer as well as the organizers of the celebrations Pierre Janssens and Yves Richard, the Presidents of the Belgian member unions FROS and AFSTB. The celebrations will end with a party in Ghent, the founder city of CSIT. 

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President Harald Bauer at the Sportiada in Eilat

Beginning of October CSIT President Harald Bauer followed an invitation of the Israeli federation Happoel and attended the opening ceremony of the 33rd Sportiada in Eilat. For 4 days, 8700 athletes participated in the competitions with a lot of joy and fun under excellent conditions. In addition to CSIT  President Bauer, AFSTB President Richard, ATOMSPORT President Ilin and FFST President Mojescik were invited.

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