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CSIT - Confédération Sportive Internationale Travailliste et Amateur

Lignano will host CSIT World Sports Games 2015

From February 27th - March 2nd a significant CSIT Executive Committee meeting took place in the countryside of Lapland in northern Finland. Main topic was the election of the Host City for the 4. CSIT World Sports Games 2015. CSIT had two member unions as candidates with INDET in Cancun/Mexico and AICS with Lignano/Italy. The voting among the ExCom members finally brought the result that the CSIT World Sports Games 2015 will be awarded to the city of Lignano.

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CSIT Championships 2014 in Mexico, Israel and Finland

The Mexican Member Union INDET (email: is inviting to hold Basketball championships from October 5-11, 2014 in Cancun/Mexico. CSIT Member Union HAPOEL from Israel will organize championships in Swimming from May 7-13, 2014 as well as for Tennis from October 23-29, 2014 in Eilat. Send an email for information about registration to Championships in Chess will be held from June 4-8, 2014 in Seinäjoki/Finland, organized by CSIT Member Union TUL. You will get information from the tournament director by sending an email to

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Sport for All - Senior Formation Course September 2014

CSIT Working Group Physical Activity for Seniors 55 + and member union DAI as host invite interested specialists and multipliers to participate in a formation course September 17 -19, 2014 in Bröndby / Copenhagen, Denmark. After a very successful formation course in 2012 in Austria with the focus on providing inspiration for new activities and to offer "tools" for making activities for the weak elderly, it's time to continue with a new formation course with the focus on all groups of seniors. 

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Great 100th anniversary celebrations of CSIT ended in Ghent

Friday evening the CSIT anniversary celebrations in Belgium ended with a cruise on the canals of Ghent and a following gala diner. Already in the afternoon the guests of honour and all the attendant representatives of the member unions witnessed a very emotional moment in the "Vooruit".  In the same building where the CSIT was founded in 1913. Berte de Vlieger, the 99-year old daughter of one of the founding fathers, and her two children attended surprisingly the event.  In 1919 her father, Jul de Vlieger, had reorganised the CSIT after World War I and brought it back into function.

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