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CSIT - Confédération Sportive Internationale Travailliste et Amateur

100 days to go - 4th CSIT World Sports Games in Lignano

From 7th to 14th June 2015 Lignano Sabbiadoro will be the hot spot of Amateur Sports for one week. CSIT holds its 4th World Sports Games for workers and amateurs, organized by CSIT Italian member Union AICS. The touristic area at the northern Adriatic coats in Italy will be transformed into the CSIT World Sports Games Town during the Games next June. Live the spirit of CSIT - join the games 2015 - Latest information on

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4th CSIT World Sports Games 2015 - PRELIMINARY on-line REGISTRATION February 15th

This spirit of CSIT will be the spirit of WORLD SPORTS GAMES 2015! It is a pleasure for Italian CSIT member organisation AICS to invite workers and amateurs to participate at the CSIT WORLD SPORTS GAMES from 7th to 14th June 2015 in Lignano Sabbiadoro. The touristic area at the northern Adriatic coats in Italy will be transformed into the CSIT World Sports Games Town during the Games next June. Besides the organisation of sports-competitions AICS will also hold a huge festival to live friendship and exchange information and experiences. Deadline for PRELIMINARY on-line REGISTRATION is February 15th. Latest information on Official Games 2015 Webpage

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New CSIT Magazine is online

The NEW CSIT Magazine 01/2015 is online. Find a big story about the upcoming CSIT World Sports Games from June 7 to 14 in Lignano/Italy as well as interesting magazine-stories from several CSIT member-organizations of their activities 2014. You can download the NEW edition 01/2015 in English and French here.

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CSIT World Championship Tennis in Eilat

Eilat in Israel hosted the CSIT Tennis Team Championship from 25th to 27th of October 2014. Due to tropical conditions the championship had to be played in the early morning hours and late afternoon, what gave the participants the possibility to enjoy the beautiful beaches on the red sea coast during the day. HAPOEL organized perfect championships in a beautiful Arena, which already was location for FED-Cup matches. 

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36th CSIT Congress in Lignano

Eight months prior to the 4th CSIT World Sports Games from June 7-14, 2015 at the Northern Adriatic Coast in Lignano (ITA) CSIT held its 36th Congress in the host city, organized by Italian member union AICS. All matters concerning the preparation of the Games 2015 were discussed and finalized. CSIT technical commissions visited and checked the sports facilities and also hotels. The CSIT family is looking forward to a week full of sports, activities and friendship at the CSIT WSG 2015. Find all the updated information on the new official website and

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Lignano - Ideal place for all

CSIT WSG 2015 host union AICS is planning lots of side events for the games 2015. Lignano is internationally know as "Sports Town" and is the ideal place for adults, families and youth during next June. Besides sports the huge CSIT family can enjoy workshops for youngsters, international conferences, night social activities and animation as well as nightlife in one of the biggest summer holiday resorts on the Adriatic coast in Italy.

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