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CSIT - Confédération Sportive Internationale Travailliste et Amateur

Harald Bauer (left) handed over hid Presidency to Bruno Molea

Bruno Molea appointed as new President of CSIT

During the 38th CSIT Congress in Riga (Latvia) CSIT Congress appointed Italian Bruno Molea as new President of the organisation. Molea took over the presidency of Austrian Harald Bauer, who resigned due to business reasons. Bauer, CSIT President since 2008, recently signed a contract as CEO of the Austrian “Sporthilfe”, an organisation for sponsorship of Austrians Top-Athletes.

picture: Harald Bauer (left) handed over to Bruno Molea.

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CSIT Congress 2016

CSIT will hold the next ordinary Congress from October 17 – 23, 2016 in the capital-city of Riga / Latvia, the host city of the World Sports Games 2017. CSIT and its organizing union LTSA-Latvian Sport for All Association are pleased to invite the members of the CSIT Executive Committee, chairmen & secretaries of Technical Commissions, members of the Working Groups, representatives of all member unions and cooperation partners to this convention.
Registration deadline is September 16th.

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CSIT Seniors Formation Course in Paris

More than twenty opinion leaders and specialists from seven member unions took part in the 3rd formation course “Physical activities for seniors”. The participants came from AFWSI (Iran), FROS (Belgium), TUL (Finland), HAPOEL (Israel), UISP (Italy), DAI (Denmark) and FSGT (France). The participants are used to instruct seniors and elderly people at home and all participants had a fruitful and pleasant time of sharing experiences and proposing new ideas and activities. The evaluation showed that all could bring something back home. These courses represent something special for CSIT and there is no doubt that there are grounds to continue these courses in the future. Next time will be in 2018.

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International Mamanet-Seminar in Eilat

Save the date for the second International Mamanet Seminar in Eilat / Israel, Oct. 27 - Nov. 1, 2016.  Invited are all active CSIT member unions and in particular those who are interested to plan starting with national Mamanet activities. 
Mamanet founder Ofra Abramovic and her team are looking forward to welcoming you in Israel, the home country of Mamanet.

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FINAL INVITATION - 5th CSIT World Sports Games

The Baltic CSIT member union Latvian Sport for All Association – LTSA will be host of the V. CSIT WORLD SPORTS GAMES, to be held in the city of Riga from 13th to 18th of June, 2017. The capital city of Latvia, Riga is welcoming CSIT, its World Sports Games, the International Workers & Amateur Sports Movement and the several thousands of participants from all over the world to practice and compete in sports and sports for all activities in the best atmosphere and conditions. In the past years it is proven that the World Sport Games are an excellent opportunity to meet and greet international people in a sportive and amicable way.

The "Final Invitation" in new design in English and French is available now!

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CSIT ExCom Meeting in Zermatt Switzerland

CSIT held its EXCOM-Meeting from June 16 to 19 in Zermatt (Switzerland). Main topics were the status of preparations for the next CSIT World Sports Games 2017 and CSIT Congress 2016 in Riga (Lettland), presented by Juris Radzevics, Executive Director of Riga City, and Galina Gorbatenkova, General Secretary of organizing CSIT-member LTSA. Detailed invitations for the Games will be sent out by CSIT office in Vienna within the next weeks.

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